I am a self taught baker with a sweet tooth and an indulgence for baked goods.

From my humbled beginnings, I loved to bake, and most days you could find me in the kitchen making a mess. I have been inspired by my mother, grandmother and an aunt (who made the best pies!) and so many wonderful chefs I have followed on the Food Network and every baking show I could watch.

I started baking at a young age (maybe 8 or 9), as I got older I would make plates of cookies for friends and co-workers as gifts. I got sidetracked when I began my career in banking. But after about 10 years I lost my job due to the 2008 market crash. I got lost as to what I would do to make ends meet. I followed my heart and it led me right into the kitchen. I mean come on, life is what you bake of it - right?

So I started making my biscookies (a recipe inherited from a dear friend). They were a hit! I began selling them to local coffee shops and then online and was shipping them all over the country. 

I jumped back into banking and after10 years dealing with all of the corporate stuff I decided to take a sabbatical. I had moved to the Midwest and thought I would try my hand at baking up my biscookies again and they continued to be a hit. People started asking me if I baked other items (specifically cakes). I loved baking birthday cakes because I always figured; it's somebody's birthday somewhere. And besides, good things come to those who bake!

So, if it bakes you happy, let me create something for you or your next event!